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I love this place. Ive been looking for a spot to get decent fried fish and this is it. I only say decent because I dont have high expectations when Im asking you to transport fried fish across the city to me. Despite this challenge, my food is always hot and the fish is always tasty. I also the love hot sauce brand they use.

The Mac n cheese is pretty consistent save one time where it was dry. But Ive ordered here numerous times and it only happened once so its not to be expected.

Ordered the candied yams. So sweet. Like a dessert with lots of good syrup. Yum!


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I used to live in Brooklyn two years ago and relocated to Los Angeles. Every time I come into New York I have to order here, this is the definition of Soul Food. You can tell they take pride in their food, its always fresh and well seasoned, its like eating home cooked food. About a year ago I dined in at this place, and the workers were so warn & welcoming especially when I expressed how much I loved their food.
Keep up the great work you guys !!!

Delicia J

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I ordered the Vegetable Platter of Collard Greens, Candied Yams and Peas and Rice. Was called within a few minutes after the order was placed that they were out of Collard Greens and would I like to substitute another so I selected the String Beans.
The order arrived, the string beans were just as delicious as the Candied Yams and the Peas and Rice.
The order was delivered as stated on the app and arrived warm so the food was eaten as soon as it arrived.


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I do not know the owners or workers at Napoleon so this is a honest to God objective review. The food is better than any souk food i have had in my life and that includes my mama and Grandmother. I ordered fried chicken and had mac and cheese and yams as side. We ordered 7 pc honey bbq wings and pineapple coconut cake as well. If you are not ordering from here you are a fool.


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The delivery guy was rude and complained that he brought our food earlier than the suggested time and did not get an additional tip. When told that the tip was included he stated "What the $3? Thats nothing. Next time i will be late with the food." Totallly unnecessary... I would prefer not to have him deliver my food again. Food was great as usual though.

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2 reviews
Napoleon totally overcomes several typical issues ordering Soul or 'Southern' food:

1. It's just not good.
2. The Main (chicken, ribs, etc.) might be good, but the sides suck.
3. The either take forever to deliver or the food never makes it at all.
4. They have attitude when you call to find out where your order is or complain that it's not arrived.

Napoleon has it all under control:

1. The food is good overall - boyfriend thinks they put crack in the fried shrimp.
2. Not only do they come, and come on time, they often come much sooner than projected.
3. They're thoughtful and respectful (once when something wasn't available, they quickly called to find out if I wanted a substitution).

I can't recommend them highly enough and really hope they're doing well and are around for a good, long time.


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Absolutely the best soul food option in the area right now. Its reassuring that there are cooks out there that understand how to properly season soul food. The chicken was lightly seasoned and absolutely delicious. Now the other items, honey bbq shrimp and mac n cheese, were so so. The honey bbq shrimp were drowned in sauce. The sauce is tasty but after a few bites, it just wasnt as appealing as it once was. The mac and cheese though dry, was edible, and actually the first time in a long time that I finished the entire side. The delivery minimum is kind of high, but on the days I feel like splurging a bit, or when Im tired of villa pancho, Ill definitely be ordering from here


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Really, really great home style food! Tastes like church ladies' cooking. Will definitely order from here again. Ordered late so they were out of a few things, but got a very polite call and my delivery arrived quickly. Definitely one of my new favorites. We had fried chicken with collards and yams, lemon cake and banana pudding with nilla wafers. I agree with other reviews that the mac and cheese could have been cheesier/creamier, but overall I'm really happy to have found this place! Thanks, Napoleon!


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Its always a pleasant surprise when youve been ordering food from the same place for a few year. I hated styrofoam containers. It nothing for food but cause mess and allow food to catch air. Not only did Napoleon's change the containers the splurged on reusable containers. Keeps the food hot and orevents spills. Keeps all the flavors where the should be. Love and appreciate the upgrade. Its the simple things that count.


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Always a classic and amazing local spot. Walking in, always greeted happily. Super speedy deliveries, though some small stalls- but it's rare and know it's because they're jammed up with orders and they really try their best to get the food to you asap. Shrimp is always great, chicken and waffles A+, Mac and cheese and collard greens- you can't ask for more. Some might say pricey, but I say totally worth it.

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